A Creature I Don't Know

1. Jumper was sold on Pumpkin Soup (£25), Boots from Deichmann (£19.99) Necklace from Topshop Sale (£3)

2. Sorry I haven't posted any looks in a while, I've been so busy between writing my internship blog pieces, my job and trying to settle in this house I've had no time to take new photos. So I'm sorry if some of you noticed this look on lookbook a few weeks ago! I promise to have some new ones soon! :)

3. I've noticed this week Teen Vogue have done a top 100 bloggers list, and to my surprise I was number 30! I found that crazy because my blog isn't that well known, but it was lovely none the less. Also my internship blog is now live and you can read it at I love Designers website here. I've also been invited to a press event for a new clothing collection who sell to Topshop, so I'll make sure I'll post about that after I go on Tuesday.

4. Also just a quick reminder Pumpkin Soup is having a 50% sale off on jewellery too this week, there is only a few items left now and they are all £2.25 - £5, I'm making some room for the new collection, 2 pieces are already up! :) I've been coming up with a few more design ideas for new lines in the store so I'll keep you updated on that! In the meantime check out the sale here.


  1. congrats on making the list!

    that jumper is adorable - I want one!

  2. I love how you write, so well done for making the teen vogue list- you should be very proud :)
    also the outfit is very cool and I love your style...


  3. how wonderful is this look?? if you EVER get bored of that gorgeous jumper I will have it as a hand me down xxx
    And your hair is lush xxx

  4. I love the jumper, and congrats for making the Teen Vogue list :) x

  5. Congratulations on being 30th!! wow!
    I've only just discovered your blog and am instantly following.. i love it! your style is perfect, this jumper is just..wow!
    I'd really appreciate if you could drop by my blog and even follow back if you like it?
    lots of love Bex X