Annarack illustrations

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Today has been one of my usual sundays of drawing in bed, watching documentaries and browsing the internet for inspiration. As I do this on the regular, today I thought its about time I share some of the lovely things I find online. I simply couldn't wait till things I love Thursday! So this is the beautiful work of Anna Searle. Being an art student, I'm a huge fan of illustration and I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who makes anything by hand and shares it with the world. I love Anna's work because it reminds me of old biology books and childhood stories. Her animal drawings are adorable and she also does some textile work with complex hand embroidery and beading. I wish I had a little more change in my purse so I could buy some lovely things off her etsy store. If you are in love with her work just as much as me follow her blog here and add some things to your wishlist here


  1. Woah, these illustrations are stunning!

    - Olivia xx
    That's My Style!

  2. WOW!!!!! This really is an honor!!!!! Thank you so much for the feature on my work and for your kind words. This has totally made my day and on the day of the Jubilee Pageant too, this is really one top notch day :D