Giveaway collaboration :)

Photo by Katie Brown

1. I'm excited to inform you of Pumpkin Soups little giveaway over at the wonderful Katie Browns blog. To enter all you have to do is follow our blogs and facebook pages! The winner will one of my handmade skull earrings in a choice of aqua or cream. If you also head over there, there is a promotional code for her readers in the post to get 20% off your purchases! So head over and enter now!

2. I am very thankful to some bloggers who have named dropped me the past few weeks! It's helped me gain so much following on my blog which makes me more eager to write for all you guys! I also love helping out and am always offering for small bloggers & shop owners to contact me for free promo. So please dont hesitate if you would like to work with me like Katie :)

If you're not feeling too lucky you can buy these earrings for £4 here

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