Just the beating of hearts, Like two drums in the grey.

All images belong to Sam Nowell

001. I've been super busy with my group uni project for the past few weeks! Here are some images of our design process I wanted to share with you!  I just come back from London to collect fabric samples and I'm heading there again possibly on Friday to actually buy them! As well as that we did some market research and took a little trip to the flagship Balenciaga London store (our chosen designer).  I took some images for inspiration but they wont be up for a while as I've stopped using my digital camera (apart from for looks and shop images of course) and started using film again. So I need to use the roll and develop them first! I'm hoping to save some money from my shop and buy a scanner so I can eventually post them all on my blog.

002. After a long day hunting for fabrics we took a well deserved trip to Topshop. It was the first day of their mid-season sale and it was absolutely manic. With that in mind, I didn't even buy anything in the bloody sale and ended up spending £50 on a leather skirt. But I assure you it was money well spent and will have to set up some looks for you soon! Uh to make matters worse I then spent £20 on a new purse (it's justified cause mine has fallen apart).

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